The Queen Mzansi is taking a vacation for an unknown time

The Queen Mzansi is taking a vacation for an unknown time

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The Queen is the South African telenovela that is available on Mzansi Magic and also series available on Netflix and other platforms. The drama is produced by the Fergusons. Connie is one of the well-known actresses who is well known from Generations where it was karabo Moroka.

She played the role of karabo Moroka for a very long time as she was one of the top casts of Generations.

She is married to the Love of her life Late Shona Ferguson. It is very unfortunate that she recently lost the Love of her life which is still a fresh wound to her family, fans and Mzansi as a whole. They have a production and film company that they have worked together for it as the Fergusons.

It is clear that she has been on a break after the passing of her husband, which is something that everyone would do after such a heartbreaking event. The cast of the drama are satisfied that the drama should be on break until Connie returns back to work, which is something that might take time.

It will be overwhelmed for her to go back to work without her husband as they used to work together, although she is a strong god-fearing woman she also need to rest after all this unbearable pain.