The River Actress Lunathi Mampofu shocks Mzansi with her real age


The River Actress Lunathi Mampofu shocks Mzansi with her real age

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As people we are not the same, we differ when it comes to growth and development within our bodies. There are those people who grow older than their actual ages, then there are also those who look so much younger than than they actually are. Have you ever thought that Lunathi Mampofu could be one of them?

Lunathi Mampofu is a South African actress, singer, and fashion designer. She is best known for her current role of ‘Emmarentia’ on the 1Magic’s telenovela; The River. She also starred as Benni on Mzansi Magic’s telenovela, The Queen. Before she joined The Queen, she played the role of ‘Zikhona’ on the SABC 1’s 1 drama series Ingozi, which was among her first TV roles.
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Lunathi was born at Cape Town on the 7th of March 1987, which makes her 35 years of age as of 2022. Lunathi’s siblings are her young twin brothers; Oros and Prince Mampofu. Oros is also within the Entertainment industry, well known for his acting role ‘Jama’ on the SABC 1’s Skeem saam. Lunathi is not only a talented actress, she is a happily married wife to Dylan Lloyd and mother to her 6 year-old daughter.
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Lunathi recently shared a picture of herself dressed to kill on Instagram, telling her fans how great it is for her turning 35 years. The caption of her post reads: “🚶‍♀️WALKING IN 2 35 LIKE 🚶‍♀️well, look at you turning 35 and sh*t?! uThixo Mkhulu, ndiyabonga bawo ngothando lwakho 🙏🏾❤ #grateful #blessed #love #happiness #grace. What a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love”.
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People were complementing her and wishing her an amazing birthday. However, the majority of them were stunned by her age, they can’t believe that she really is 35 years old. Some says she looks as if she is still in her twenties, which simply means she looks more than five years younger than her age. The comments from people were like:

“Typo babe! You mean 25 😂😂 anyway … happy birthday sunshine ❤🎉🎁”

“What do you mean by 35? Dude what do you mean?”

“What? I’ve been thinking you’re in your late 20s wooow!”

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