The River who have always criticized Tango Ncetezo’s character

The River who have always criticized Tango Ncetezo’s character
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Tango who graduated from AFDA and a lot shyer in real life is a classy, sophisticated woman who wears little to no make-up. When she does wear make-up, it’s appealing and she never wears colorful wigs like her character on The River.

Since Tango started acting, she has featured in different South African productions such as A Place Called Home,, Bone of My Bones, Zabalaza, Taxi Ride and Soul City, and many more.

Tango Ncetezo (Paulina)

Her fans on social media usually advise her on how to apply make-up as they thought that the actress herself puts on the terrible make-up herself.

Fans of the actress’s love visiting her Instagram account because she is more beautiful in real life.

Though they love her character’s outgoing personality in the multi-award-winning novella, they have always preferred her with fewer colors on her face.

Fans haven’t realized that the actress doesn’t put make-up on herself as they have a department that applies make-up on them and that they get dressed by a wardrobe department.

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Tango Ncetezo who plays the role of Paulina on The River is a typical South African, loud, shebeen-queen who wears trashy makeup and colorful wigs.

This role was challenging for the actress because she wasn’t as confident before when she faced the camera for the first time. She was intimidated and panicky and this role was significantly challenging for her because she is naturally shy.

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They purposely apply her make-up that way because that’s the criteria for shebeen-queens. They want to be seen and heard more than anyone else. They have high self-esteem and confidently walk in the townships with their heads held high. When fans saw her face without the trashy makeup for the first time a few weeks ago, it was like they were seeing the actress for the first time and they loved it.