The singer Kelly Khumalo is shopping alone in Tzaneen

The singer Kelly Khumalo is shopping alone in Tzaneen

Kelly Khumalo

There is so much that has already sparked a conversation about the Khumalos just today alone and as we catch up on what singer, Kelly Khumalo has been up to, there has also been the controversial interview from her sister, Zandie Khumalo.

One could say that Kelly has been focused on her career and more interested in getting people talking about that aspect of her life.

But it has been interesting how she has done this, there is no way that we can ignore what she has had to do to grab the attention of the public.
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A few weeks, people mentioned how they were convinced that Kelly is going to use the attention she gets from the Senzo Meyiwa matter to market whatever she needs to market.

And she is not even apologetic about it, she just wants people to listen to her music, go to shows, buy her products and watch her reality show.

Now, as much as people accuse her of some things, they cannot hate her for moving on, she has clearly moved on and there is nothing that can be done about that.

We know that the expectation is for her to do more to get justice for Senzo, but she has her reasons she has chosen not to and whenever she feels like she needs to voice out something, she will probably do what her sister did tonight.

Zandie had an interview with the eNCA this evening and she basically talked about what happened that fateful night, but she did not really give people what they expected.

And with Kelly, she will probably react to the interview, but most likely will not say anything about it, we know that she has been busy recently.
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She was in Tzaneen yesterday and according to the reactions from some of her fans, she made their day and it seems like she had another successful show.


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We obviously can expect more from her because her fans are actually not backing down anytime soon, they are sticking with her no matter what happens.

The singer was pictured, standing next to a street market, it is not clear what inspired the view, but she probably loved the place and decided to take a picture.

And if one looks closely, she is holding a bag of avocados, probably the reason why she made it there in the first place.

As it is known, the drama never ends with Kelly, so there will probably be something else that will have people talking about her again.

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