The vagrant reveals that KK is still alive. Susan tells Gugu that Azwindini is not going anywhere


The vagrant reveals that KK is still alive. Susan tells Gugu that Azwindini is not going anywhere


Presently, we get to learn more about Muvhango’s impending plot, which we can discuss in further depth. Muvhango is a South African television soap opera that airs on SABC 2 from Monday to Friday at 21h00. It is currently in its third season. Because of the content that they are creating, it has been on the air for the past twenty years and has been rated as one of the most popular television soap operas. However, this is no longer the case, as it continues to lose viewers on a daily basis. It has been stated that the content that they are providing for viewers is causing their ratings to decline on a daily basis.

According to the present plot of Susan, played by Maumela Mahuwa, Azwindini, played by Gabriel Temudzani, Vhutshilo, played by Wavhudi Lidzhegu, and Gugu, played by Bukamina Fanele, the hearts of spectators have been torn to shreds. Viewers are undoubtedly dissatisfied with this decision. Remember how Vhutshilo was over over heels in love with Gugu a few months back, and how their romance was even made public?

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But even though he is old enough to be her mother, Gugu didn’t think there was anything wrong with her dating him. When she started dating Azwindini, things took an unexpected turn. From the son to the father’s dating history. That is extremely dishonorable. Clearly, the audience was not thrilled with this decision. When Azwindini confessed that he wishes to marry Gugu, it was like a bomb went off. Viewers were clearly dissatisfied with this plot, as they were accustomed to seeing Gugu in a calm and humble manner.

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She is currently acting the role of a woman with little compassion. The fact that she was responsible for Azwindini’s divorce does not sit well with the public at large. Suzan was transformed into something that the audience was not prepared to see. After much deliberation, she decided to utilize traditional medicines known as “Muthi” to help strengthen her marriage, which she knew was wrong but did nevertheless because she wanted her marriage to be robust.

Things are about to take an unexpected turn this month when she is forced to reveal the extent of her involvement with the royal family.

Everyone in the royal family, including her son, will come to despise her as a result of this. As if being despised by the people you care about the most wasn’t bad enough, she will be dismissed from her job as a result of her exposure. This will undoubtedly hurt the hearts of spectators, who were not prepared for what was about to happen. Do you believe she is deserving of this? Share your thoughts in the comment box and stay tuned for further updates.

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