The wife actor Bonko Khoza provoked his fans


The wife actor Bonko Khoza provoked his fans

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The wife actor Bonko Khoza who plays the role of Mqhele eats off a fan’s plate and Twitter is not impressed.

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A video surfaced of the actor walking in a restaurant in Durban, while walking pass he stops and asks a woman if he can have some of her food and she said yes. He then took a bite of her food with her fork.

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People were disgusted by this, they said that we are in a pandemic so it is not hygienic. Others said covid or not it is still disrespectful. They said famous or not this is bad behavior.

However the girl responded on her Instagram stories and said that she doesn’t understand why people are getting worked up. She would do it all over again. She also said that he asked before he ate.

So what would you do if a celebrity had to ask a bite if your food? Leave your thoughts in the comments section and don’t forget to like share and follow me for more entertainment.

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