Themba and Bontle Modiselle dance together for the first time in the song ‘Uyangifaka’

Themba and Bontle Modiselle dance together for the first time in the song ‘Uyangifaka’

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Themba was in Bontle Modiselle’s dance studio to rehearse for his new hit single Uyangifaka. We have to note it’s the same dance studio international singer Kelly Rowland was in about a month ago. Themba and Bontle came up with a short but groovy routine set to keep Mzansi on its feet.

DJ Tira also posted that all three of Themba’s new singles are currently sitting on numbers 1, 3 and 4 on the charts. As a new artist on the scene, his success is just unimaginable. The fan base he gained when he was still a Big Brother Mzansi contestant attributed to his success.

Big Brother Mzansi Themba used to dance a lot at house parties on the show. He was perfect, and many of his fans were entertained.
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After meeting Themba at an event Dj Tira and The Ghost got on like a house on fire. Both of them shared videos of each other dancing. After a few times of hanging out together, fans called on Tira to sign Themba. Tira invited Themba to be a part of his Durban July marquee, and the BBM star agreed.

Now that Themba is a signed Afroteinment artist, he released a short EP titled Ghost. Judging by the success of his latest offerings, his music career will take him far.

Initially, many BBM viewers expected the model and tattoo artist Themba to win BBM. Many people were shocked when he was evicted as a top 3 finalist from the house. The Ghost Nation’s fans opened a Go Fund Me account to raise him R2 million. His donations are sitting at over a quarter of a million Rands.

His fans are also pleased with his signing, supporting him by streaming. Dj Tira posted the news, and they tagged other artists to partake in the Uyangifaka challenge.
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Themba’s music


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His song Uyangifaka is a song where Themba is pursuing a Lady. In his lyrics, he asks a girl if he wants to be with him or not. His second song is Nguyakuthanda which means ‘ I love you ‘ on that song, he expresses his love for a lady. His third song, titled Ithuba, means ‘ an opportunity ‘ there. He shows his gratitude for all the opportunities he’s received.

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