Themba and Mpho are safe. #BBMzansi


Themba and Mpho are safe. #BBMzansi

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One thing that the Big Brother House has taught the contestants is that it’s everyone for himself/herself. The moment you’re in a position of power, you are forced to put someone on the chopping board. Whether or not you sacrifice your housemates for strategy or beef, doesn’t even matter. Someone has to be on their toes, and the chopping board is the best way to create tension and content because the nominated housemates live on edge wondering if the viewers will come through for them.

The last week tested the Ghostnation in more ways than 1. Not only were they expected to vote for Themba, but also support him through the allegations of threats against Nale. Sunday proved the nation’s loyalty!

Equally, the ancestral children came through for Mpho, after 2 weeks of being put to the test!

This week’s leadership is an interesting mix but their nominations for possible evictions were boring, to say the least. It would have been more audacious to nominate those who nominated them, but they decided to nominate the usual untroublesome people. On the list, Gash (HoH) nominated Nale, Libo, BU, and Venus while his deputy, Nthabi (DHoH) nominated Zino, Thato, BU and Vyno.

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When this week’s nominees were announced, Themba and Mpho’s fans were elated to learn that they’ll be watching from the sidelines as the drama unfolds. The only downside is that Nale is still on the list but it appears that her fans will bite the dust before feeding her to the wolves. It’s very difficult to establish who will be sent packing this Sunday since some contestants have fans who don’t make noise on socials.

Thoughts? Is your favorite contestant on the chopping board or getting a breather this week?

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