Themba confirms his relationship with MphoWaBadimo

Themba confirms his relationship with MphoWaBadimo

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Ses’fikile is a show on Mzansi Wethu that has been helpfully bringing the housemates of Big Brother Mzansi to catch up with us. It’s clear that the show is giving fans exactly what they want and during this particular episode, people were pleased. Themba Broly came onto the show and his fans, Ghostnation, were gratified.
His teasing words about a fellow housemate seemed to linger though.

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The rumor mill has been churning with a “TheMpho” relationship for weeks now. They have been sharing cryptic posts with each other and being photographed together at every turn. But neither of them has bothered to say the words everyone wants to hear… until today.

Sol Pheduka, our host with the most, managed to get a semblance of an agreement from the elusive man. He denied any dating rumours but claimed he was, ” happy with her”. To me and most, it sounded like a confession of love, an admittance of their lowkey relationship.

2 41People were absolutely gushing at the idea of there being a relationship between the two.

One user wrote, “I love Themba For Mpho The Support Care He Gave/Gives Her In & Out Of The House Shows He’s An Empath That’s Exactly What She Wanted Someone Who Understands The Hard Life #SesFikile163”

While another simply wrote, “Mpho & Themba are definitely dating please #SesFikile163”

A final excited user wrote, “#SesFikile163 he enjoyed Mpho’s kisses and he is happy with her 🔥❤️ ”

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Do you “ship” them together? Or do you think they are merely good friends?

What did you think? Let me know in the comments…💬

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