Themba Ndaba is the oldest cast member on the Queen. Guess how old he is today!

Themba Ndaba is the oldest cast member on the Queen. Guess how old he is today!

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South Africa’s celebrated actor and director Themba Ndaba, UN agency stars as Marcus Junius Brutus Khoza from the TV series – The Queen, celebrates his 56th birthday these days.
Themba Ndaba became a house name for his casting within the pic Machine Gun reverend and within the series Zone fourteen. This Golden Horn Award winner for the most effective Feature in an exceedingly pic has additionally won the 2011 continent pic Academy Awards for his leading role within the pic Hopeville.

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Today as this veteran within the show biz turns fifty six, let’s take a walk down memory lane with Themba Ndaba.

Themba Ndaba going The Queen Mzansi?

After he joined a brand new hit Telenovela on Mzansi Magic, there have been rumors that The Queen Mzansi’s beloved Themba Ndaba UN agency depicts the character of Marcus Junius Brutus on the show, could leave The Queen.

People within the show biz alleged that the explanation Themba Ndaba joined the telenovela is as a result of he may need left The Queen.

Brutus from The Queen has girls fighting over him

Why girls would be drawn to a personality like Marcus Junius Brutus is anybody’s guess. consistent with several social media posts, Malume Marcus Junius Brutus appears to a favourite with the women – even the likes of Refilwe Modiselle and Rami Chuene ar lining up to be forged as Brutus’ married person.

Refilwe and Rami had a tweet war about to see UN agency would get the role of Mrs Marcus Junius Brutus.

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Rami even began a challenge wherever she requested for ten,000 retweets to confirm that she would get to be Brutus’ married person on the show.

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Themba Ndaba wont to be flashy on TV

Streaks, a comedy series was a show targeted on a selected salon and its humourous hairdressers. one in every of the hairdressers was a homosexual with shiny lips and bleached hair UN agency was contend by Themba Ndaba.

It is tough to imagine that Themba Ndaba UN agency currently plays the role of Uncle Marcus Junius Brutus – a stingy , hard-headed and discriminatory man on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen, use to portray the foremost flamboyant character on TV in his heydays.

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Fans depressed over Brutus’s death

While The Queen is one in every of Mzansi’s most beloved soapies, the foremost beloved character on the show is Uncle Marcus Junius Brutus.

In the third season, the show began with a ship wedding during which a bomb went off and Marcus Junius Brutus was obscurity to be found.

Fans vulnerable to boycott the show if their favorite uncle died.

The reactions of the fans very showed however well-liked Themba Ndaba’s role is to them.