Themba Selahle after his engagement accused of being a bad father


Themba Selahle after his engagement accused of being a bad father

Mzansi’s most infamous forex trader, Themba Selahle aka Grootman, recently got engaged. But before he could finish basking in the joy of his new relationship status, his fans were shocked as he got accused of being a deadbeat dad.

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Here is the kicker – he has been accused of being a deadbeat to not one but multiple children. And although the fans can’t seem to decide or agree on whether they are two or three children, they seem to agree fine on the rumour that he has abandoned at least one child out there.

The forex trader recently took to Instagram to announce his engagement to his girlfriend Gcinile Thwala. He shared pictures from the event, which happened at the Mercedes dealership, as he bought her a new car.

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The two walked through the dealership, following a trail of rose petals. All the while, he obscured her vision with an umbrella, as he led her gently to where he planned to propose.

He then took down the umbrella to reveal a brand new Mercedes Benz. On a screen behind her, there was a collage of pictures of them together. It seems it was also her birthday, as the screen displayed both “Happy birthday” and “Will you marry me?” messages.

It was all super adorable and wholesome – at first. But when the announcement hit social media, fans were less than enthused about it. While many can agree that the gesture was very romantic, they are angry about how he got there.

Others watching the video felt like it was all staged, especially the part where she was shocked to see a brand new car. As they walked into a Mercedes dealership, did she not figure out what was going on? Tweeps want to know what exactly she thought they were going to do at the dealership, or stop pretending to be shocked.

Tweeps cannot believe that he would use money he has scammed out of innocent people, to treat his fiance. This is not the first time that he has been accused of being a scammer, and a social media user even recently said that they had enough information to take him down for scamming, but offered no further information.

It was rather shocking, though, for him to be called a deadbeat dad. If he is gonna scam innocent people out of their hard earned money, the least he could do is take care of kids he has fathered, tweeps argued.

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Well, Grootman is yet to respond to these rumours. We don’t blame him though; the newly engaged man is probably out having fun with his fiancee. Congratulations to the couple!

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