Themba’s sexuality was put on trial after he kiss Sis Tamara


Themba’s sexuality was put on trial after he kiss Sis Tamara

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The drama that happened in the AM’s in the Big Brother house deserves its own series. Just when we thought that the party had enough theatrical happenings, the Truth or Dare game exceeded that standard.
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The housemates were more than happy to exchange saliva and be up and close with each other. After Mpho’s passionate kiss with Themba, you’d expect that the two would find other creative ways to hold on to each other.

Mpho was mature about the game and chose to dare Themba to kiss Sis Tamara. Although Themba was a bit sceptical, he remembered that he needs to keep his eye on the prize and rose to the occasion.

Themba is never a guest on the trends on social media. He trends more than any other housemate, and most times, just for being his quirky self. He’s been called homophobic by viewers and so the kiss set a debate in motion. Some admitted to gaining a new respect for him, while it was insisted that kissing a gay man doesn’t change a homophobe by other viewers.

The newfound respect from viewers came with new and interesting insinuations though. Themba’s sexuality was put on trial.

Just by kissing Sis Tamara, he was claimed to be a homosexual man who hides behind his homophobia to distract viewers.

I feel like there’s nothing that could ever please viewers. If Themba refused to kiss Sis Tamara, it would have been a big deal and he would be crucified for being homosexual. Even though he kissed Sis Tamara, he’s still being alleged either gay or homophobic. There’s no in-between.

Thoughts? Could Themba be gay and still in the closet?

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