Thembi from Dlozlami reveals powerful secrets

Thembi from Dlozlami reveals powerful secrets

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Thembi from #Dlozlami cannot seem to stop shocking us in every episode she hosts. One thing I have noticed is that throughout her journey we have learned a lot from her more special when it comes to our ancestors. Those who did not believe in their ancestors they have changed their minds about their beliefs.
After last night’s episode, many #Dlozlami fans have been open-minded as Thembi Nyathi has encouraged the family who was seeking their connections with their ancestors. Sis Thembi always reveals things then offers solutions at the end and explains why too. She doesn’t leave people hanging. That’s what I like about her.

We need more ancestors like this dad. He is fighting the kids for not spending the money he left them with to finish the house. Instead of ones that fight when they left the kids with nothing. The dad passed away recently, 2019 is fairly recent. If this girl is at PHD level he watched her graduate several times now she must change careers?

Thembi teachers about prayer and how it’s important to have a little prayer. God can hear you whenever you are.

“Even if it’s a 2-minute prayer. PRAY. That way you are building a spiritual wall around you.” – Thembi Nyathi

I don’t understand why would you waste your time and watch a show then belittle everything about it. You don’t believe in ancestors but you watch dlozi lam. Be true to your beliefs in that case you won’t have an opinion on something that you claim makes no sense to you.


“To get a job if it’s not your calling it’s going to be very hard. Your purpose is not going to be placed in the things that you are passionate about, it’s going to be placed in the things that you don’t like. That’s why we encourage people to have an open mind” -Thembi

“Your purpose is not going to be found on things tgaty you are passionate about, your purpose always lies on things you dislike, the things you never thought of doing. This is why we encourage people to have open mind to everything. Because you never know where your purpose might lie”- Thembi

The siblings are shaken their father is dealing with them accordingly they don’t even know whether to say Sis Thembi or Papa why is the house not finished. She’s unemployed because her father doesn’t want her to go into science but law. She doesn’t listen to her parents. What would you do if your child doesn’t listen to you?

The science and law combination is actually a good one, she can do patent law and became a patent examiner or agent. Sometimes I feel like ancestors aren’t fair, because that lady has a whole PhD in science, now she must start a different course from scratch just so she can be employed. The dead has a way of revealing themselves to us without knowing that it’s them.

She wasted her time and effort. It was going to be better she fail the course at first year atleast then she could get the massage. Now you let Me finish a whole PhD only to show me flames is a bit unfair if our underground gang to be honest. This guy better take care of his brother’s kids or else they’ll take him sounds like their dad is the men of action.