Thembi Nyathi can see that there were witnesses during someone’s death

Thembi Nyathi can see that there were witnesses during someone’s death

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DlozLami Wendy lost her 10 years old son, she was told by different traditional healers that her son’s death was foul play, and her husband is to account. Sis Thembi has come to rescue the spirit of a young boy who died accidentally but who was also able to escape umthawulo. She lost her child in a mysterious way, now she wants to connect with her.

I could not help but wonder how our ancestors are able to communicate with Thembi. The death of Fizo has caused havoc to the married of Wendy and her husband who happen to be his father. Wendy has an idea that her husband might have a hand in the death of their child because of the background culture of her husband.

Sis Thembi has revealed that there were witnesses that witnesses his death and Fizo has asked his grandmother to tell his young sister to apologize to him. If Sis Thembi Nyathi can see that there were witnesses during someone’s death, imagine what she could do for a certain case that already has known witnesses. She would just name the killer.

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Mzansi has blamed Sis Thembi for putting the blame on Fizo’s sister. The sister heard the boys telling her about the injury he has but the sister thoughts it’s nothing serious. Fizo wants his sister to apologize because he feels like if she had listened to those boys she could have saved him. Thembi didn’t accuse anyone she just delivered a message from a spiritual aspect, calming down online psychologists. Had Thembi not conveyed the message, the sister would never have had the opportunity to apologize and set things right. You would prefer for this girl to have an upset brother for her ancestor for the rest of her life instead of being made aware so she could fix it?

Not the husband chilling in the house while wifey is waiting for officials with their dead child in the dark alone. The husband become a suspect because when Wendy went and consult he found her husband being involved. this guy didn’t go to his son’s corpse for hours while he was sitting in the house? This woman must run with her remaining children. Thembi revealed that his culture has something to do with crocodiles and snakes but is not responsible. The child escaped being used as witchcraft.

This lady must understand hore men deal with pain differently. This lady wanted her husband there but she doesn’t pain he was in also.

What would you do if you found out that your man has something to do with your child’s passing?