Thembi Nyathi causes a huge controversy on Twitter


Thembi Nyathi causes a huge controversy on Twitter

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Thembi Nyathi is a psychic medium who shares her gifts with clients who wish to connect with their ancestors on her reality show on Moja Love, Dloz’lami. Thembi recently caused a stir on social media after revealing this about the ocean. As most people are aware that Thembi is a spiritually gifted individual.

She has a reality TV show on Moja Love called Dloz’Lami. Thembi spoke about how taking water from the ocean can be bad. She mentioned that some people find themselves struggling to sleep due to having the ocean water in their houses.

This came as a surprise to many people as some have taken water without fully knowing the spiritual part. Others disagreed with what Thembi was saying, highlighting how the ocean cleans itself. See more of people’s reactions down below;

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