Thembi Nyathi From DlozLami warns Mzansi about tattoos

Thembi From DlozLami warns Mzansi about tattoos

Thembi Nyathi is popularly known as a South African spiritual guidance best known in #Dlozlami. Thembi has been guiding people about their ancestors and helping them to connect with their loved one who is already dead.

In the last episode of #, DlozLami Thembi revealed something about tattoos that many people did not know. Thembi has warned many people who have a tendency of putting tattoos in their bodies. Thembi was helping a young lady named Dimakatso who have invited foreign spirits into her life. The lady has been going around consulting in different sangomas who lied to her, claiming that she has a calling of being a sangoma.

Thembi revealed that she does not have a calling of being a sangoma. Thembi has blamed the mother for listening to her kids instead of taking a role as a parent. Thembi has revealed that her life is a mess and she is suffering because of the different sangomas who have been entering their home and taking their blessings.

At the end of the episode, Thembi Nyathi said that tattoos can be a sign of a foreign spirit. She said that some people are struggling to sleep and they don’t know what could be the problem. She said that the issue might not be with their ancestors, but with the tattoos that they have on their bodies.

The ancestors has turn their back on the lady Dimakatso after it was revealed that she is using her grandmother’s name Josephine. Thembi has revealed that Gogo Josephine doesn’t like those tattoos. She said that because she can see the danger they created in the spiritual world for these children. But now there’s nothing that she can do. All they can do is to teach themselves how to pray.

Themb said that if you have a tattoos but you can pray.

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