A strong argument between Thembi Seete and Somizi in Idols


A strong argument between Thembi Seete and Somizi in Idols


It seems like people were completely surprised by the reaction or the piece of Video showing Somizi going head to head against another celebrity judge on the show and the whole incident seemed to have really caused a stir with the general public.

They’re fighting amongst each other when they should be giving fair judgment about what is really going on with the people who are contesting, now this is something that has caused a stir on social media because it shows them losing control of their emotions and simply fighting against each other.

We have friendly never seen such a side of the show before and it is something that has really made a lot of people to be worried about how the situation is for people, we definitely need to see a lot more to ensure that we don’t have cases like this again.

This is definitely not a good impression that they’re forming to the general public and obviously it is a cause for concern that they should probably deal with, however we do trust that the management team will be able to talk to the judges and ensure that next time they Calm themselves down and engage people in a calm manner.

It seems like they’re fighting amongst each other perhaps it is something that they often do a lot of behind the scenes, and this is definitely something that has made a lot of people wonder if this is truly what is going on with the Judges at Idols.
On Sunday evening on South African Idols, Judges Somiźi and Thembi Seete had a screaming match and viewers are convinced it was staged. They said the fight did not look real. Some said they staged it to catch people’s attention.

“This is staged. It does not look real at all. Who are they trying to fool? Are they now fighting about who is the woman of the house? They can’t act to save their lives.” Said @Mphoza_Mphoza.

“This is not staged. Somizi is not that good of an actor.” said @Sbuja

“No it’s not, it’s staged, it’s giving nicki minaj vs mariah carey on 2013 American idols.” Said @Bodash9.

“This is staged.What I’ve noticed with this season of idols is that they always trying to catch the viewer’s attention in all aspects, if this was really a conflict it wasn’t going to be broadcasted. There were going to cut it immediately without us seeing it.” Said Que_Soul_SA.
There are people who are supposed to be perfect and ensure that they are professional and do not let their emotions get the better of them, but the impression that they’re showing right now is really not inspiring to any of the people who are even competing against one another how can they now think that they can get reasonable and fair judgements from people who can’t control their emotions.

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