Thembi Seete dancing like that lady from Boom Shaka with Lebo Mathosa

Thembi Seete dancing like that lady from Boom Shaka with Lebo Mathosa

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We all know and love her as Gladys in Gomora. But it seems that the younger generations have no idea Thembi Seete used to have moves, as a recent video she shared set the internet ablaze.
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Thembi recently shared a TikTok video of herself dancing. Initially, the post didn’t make waves, until other social media users reposted it, creating a storm.

Mzansi is in awe of the actress and her dance moves. At the age of 44, she has shown us just who’s the boss, and that black really doesn’t crack. Those who’ve been around a little longer are not shocked by this. After all, she was a member of Boom Shaka, where she both sang and danced. Now, we all remember what a talent she was and remains to be, and we couldn’t be happier.

Thembi has been hailed as one of the best yet most drama free celebrities in Mzansi. She is an amazing actress, and everything she touches turns to gold. She recently spoke up about how much of a blessing it has been to play Gladys, and said that she loves the role. She was showered with love as she asked her fans to vote for her when she was nominated for the Viewer’s Choice Best Actress award.

Thembi is very kindhearted, as she showed when she stood with Connie Ferguson during her loss. She dedicated a sweet tribute to the Fergusons, remembering their beautiful working relationship.

Her response was particularly heartbreaking as she had just lost her mother not too long before. She shared that she and her mother had been extremely close, so she was naturally very heart broken about it. Her mother had apparently been ill for quite some time before she passed. Fans poured into her comments with their condolences, which she no doubt appreciated.