Thembi Seete is the cover star of True Love magazine


Thembi Seete is the cover star of True Love magazine

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“The best way to start the year, l enjoyed this shoot. I worked with the most fantastic team,” says Thembi Seete in a post on her Instagram account. It was clear that she could not hide her excitement to be the cover of True Love magazine.

Despite currently playing a role as ‘Gladys’ on Mzansi Magic Telenova Gomora, the multi-talented Soweto-born actress, model, and singer climb the ladder even higher.
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With a career that seems evergreen and even growing, from being a member of Kwaito super group Boom Shaka, featuring in the dramas Yizo Yizo and Gaz’lam and releasing the music albums with many hit songs such as “Shayi Zandla” and “Mate Kahle”. Her professionalism, beauty, and social following in South Africa are why True Love magazine reached her.

True love, the iconic fashion, beauty, and lifestyle magazine for black women, is a growing magazine owned by Media24. The featuring of Thembi Seete on the Cover broke social media, which has resulted in a significantly increased following of True Love, especially on Twitter.

“It wasn’t easy, but the energy was so good right through the day. Thank you, team,” concluded Thembi Seete as she gave her love and appreciation of the hard work put on by herself, the photographer @xaviersaer, and the whole team.

Her fans on Twitter were left amazed by the kind of work Tembi Seete puts in her work. Many have acknowledged and seconded her professionalism and hard work as the main drivers of her success.

Thembi is known for looking young despite being in her mid-40s. She shared secrets that have kept her looking like she is in her 20s. She revealed that she uses peptides.“Peptides work to ensure your skin is indulged with proteins, providing a facial lifting, tightening, and plumping experience,” she said after visiting a medical facility.

Watch Thembi Seete’s behind-the-scenes video for True Love cover on the provided source link below.

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The River season4 ended on a high note, and now we are getting ready for season 5.

Sindi Dlathu plays the role of Lindiwe Dikana on the soapie, and she, as the saying goes, is killing it!

Sindi has been leading the cast of The River from its inception, and she is no picnic. The River revolves around her, and the rest of the cast supports her. Ok, I’m just joking, but she is the lead.

The River is set in Tshwane Pretoria, and the real story is between the Dikanas, who are filthy rich, and the Mokoenas, who live in poverty. The conflict between these families began when Mr. Thato Mokoena, who used to work for Lindiwe at her mine Khanyisa Diamonds, discovered a massive diamond by The River. When Lindiwe finds out, she kills him with the help of Zolani, her nephew.

The new season of The River is coming

Sindi from The River holding a diamond. Image Credit: 1Magic

One of That’s children is a daughter named Tumi. As the story develops, Tumi replaces her father at the mine, but Lindiwe hates Tumi because she is a curious nosey, and she suspects Lindiwe of killing her father. When Tumi finally confirms her suspicions, Lindiwe buries her alive at Khanyisa Diamonds. Season 1 of the River ends with Lindiwe shooting herself in the head because after she thinks she killed Tumi, she finds out that Tumi is her daughter.

The River gas brought nothing but cutting-edge storytelling by Tshedza Pictures, and they are now bringing us the 5th season of this brilliant Telenovela.

Theda Pictures has released snippets of what we should expect from The River, and it looks like we are in for another great show. They had this to say, “We don’t have time to give you “riveting” stories. No. We are giving you UMRIVITHI! Heck, throw away those thin straws. We will be descending a helicopter & taking you to new heights & kicking you out to The River of tears that you will be crying. Nina!🙆🏾‍♂️”

The message is apparent, and the final episode of season 4 saw Lindiwe kick one of her rivals out of a flying helicopter.

Fans took to social media in response to the season 5 snippets and expressed how top-notch the production of The River is.

They noticed how on every season finale, Lindiwe kills someone. In season 1, she shot herself in the head; in season 2, her daughter Mbali died, and in season 3, she, Lindiwe, finally killed Tumi, and now she has killed yet another person.

Bear in mind that all of this is happening in the presence of Lindiwe’s husband, Zweli Dikanas, who is a police commissioner. He disapproves of her ways, and most of the time, he is in the dark about her wife’s dealings anyways. That doesn’t stop her, though. These two have two children together, Mbali and Andile. Andile is now the only child since Mbali, as I have explained, died in season3.

There is more to tell about The River, but that would require you to read this article for the next three days.

My solution is to watch The River on 1Magic Mondays to Fridays on Dstv.

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