Thembi spoke about insomnia and roaming spirits. #Dlozlam

Thembi spoke about insomnia and roaming spirits. #Dlozlam

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Dlozlam is a reality TV show which aires on Moja Love TV. The show is hosted by a talented spiritual gifted individual by the name of Thembi. People have grown to the her work as the have seen how much of a difference she brings. This is amongst those who are struggling to communicate with their loved ones who are no longer with us.

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Thembi is know to be quite real when it comes to telling people the truth about whatever questions they may be having in that regard. With that being said yesterday’s episode of Dlozlam, people were left in disbelief after Thembi spoke about insomnia and roaming spirits. Insomnia is persistent problems falling and staying asleep.

Basically she highlighted how people may think they have a normal situation when it comes to having trouble falling asleep. However it may not be the case but rather roaming spirits. This was definitely something new and people were blown away by the information that Thembi shared. See more of people’s reactions down below;

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