Thembisa Mdoda says about her first marriage that it does not count

Thembisa Mdoda says about her first marriage that it does not count

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Former The Queen’s actress has come out with guns blazing at her ex-husband as she set the record straight that their marriage is not recognized. According to her, it does not count at all, it is something that does not exist.

She also urged that people must not expect to recognize it, they must just treat it as something that never happened at all.

The actress who also use to host the wedding reality show, Our perfect wedding, Thembisa Mdoda Nxumalo made the remarks during the wedding recently.

She was speaking at a wedding in Eastern Cape.

It is clear that Thembisa was speaking about her ex-husband, who is also an actor, Atandwa Kani in 2012. They had a messy split in 2015 which ended in divorce. While Thembisa did not mention his name precisely but many people believed that she was throwing shade at Atandwa considering that he is the first husband she got married to.

Thembisa Mdoda with her first husband
Thembisa shared words of wisdom to the guests as she said that her first marriage is not recognized by her as she only learned the important lesson in her second marriage. The lesson is that whenever you fight with someone you love, don’t ever forget the love that brought you together.

Her sentiments were echoed by the actress and former Our perfect wedding host, Kayise Ngqula who reiterated the point of showing love and fighting for what is true in the marriage.

Thembisa is now married to a Nxumalo and they are happily married. Although they are very private about their love Thembisa always praises her husband on socials.

We noted this when she was battling for her life in August this year as she was hospitalized due to Covid-19. She thanked her husband’s support throughout the difficult time she encountered.

After she recovered from the hospital, Thembisa took it to her social media pages to express gratitude to everyone for support while she was in the hospital. She also made a special one for her husband.

Taking to Instagram, she posted and thanked her husband with the message that her husband is not just only her love but her peace too. The guy was by her bedside every day, constantly reminding her that everything will be alright.