There must be #JusticeForLufuno. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s heartbreaking.

There must be #JusticeForLufuno. This is a parent’s worst nightmare. It’s heartbreaking.

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Mzansi Celebs and South Africans as a whole condemns the killings of LGBTQIA+ community members and the bullying happening in schools. Participating in the hashtag calling for justice for a learner who committed suicide #JusticeForLefuno took social media by storm yesterday after a video of a 15-year-old student being bullied by her peers made rounds on social media. It was also reported that the victim had later committed suicide.

Popular media personalities as DJ Zinhle, Rato K, Boity, Mohale, and many more took to Twitter to react to the video calling for justice for Lufuno.


Boity“Yoooooh!!!! I’m truly not sure what I would do if this was my child. But I would make sure that bully and her family never ever find peace.”

Denise Zimba

Denise Zimba
“Again, social media can be of great aid, but we as a people have the duty to stay in truth when putting things out in the public. Otherwise, we create & encourage such a generation, in which we cannot support in close contact, to prevent such a painful outcome. #JusticeForLufuno.”

Gigi Lamayne

Gigi Lamayne
“Yah neh high school bullies. We need some kind of law to protect kids at school #JusticeForLufuno.”

The other sad news that shocked South Africans yesterday was the gruesome killing of the LGBTQIA+ member Andile Ntuthelo was popularly known as Lulu. His body was found in a shallow grave in the backyard of the man who has now been arrested in connection with his murder.

According to the statement by The Gay and Lesbian Alliance of South Africa (GLASA), this comes just two weeks after the shocking murder of another LGBTQIA+ member the 34-year-old Siphamandla Khoza from KwaZulu-Natal. His body was found in a ditch after he was stabbed and had his throat slit.
South Africans also called for Justice for the 40-year-old Andile under the #JusticeForLulu.

“We refuse to negotiate with homophobia. No, we will not be “educating you” on what you already know. Ur takes & jokes will continue to lead to the deaths of queer people until you feel the consequences of your actions & if that means losing your jobs then so be it. #JusticeForLulu”

“I really hate homophobic people with everything in me, and I can’t stress that enough cause it’s even exhausting to think that there are people who are bothered by how certain people live their lives? to a point where they cause harm or take life??? Broken heart #JusticeForLulu”

GLASA is calling for “harsher sentencing, the prioritization of LGBTQAI+ hate crimes and stricter legislation that will ensure that the LGBTQIA+ communities particularly in the townships and rural areas enjoy their constitutional freedom of equal opportunities, justice, and rights.”

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