There’s a reason why they call him Heavy K. What’s that one hit you always jamming to.

There’s a reason why they call him Heavy K. What’s that one hit you always jamming to.

Heavy K is a South African DJ and producer who rose to notoriety in the middle of the 2010s with his rhythmic electronic Afro-house compositions, earning him the nickname “the Drumboss” from his followers.


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He gained an international audience for his ‘Respect the Drumboss’ albums with popular singles including “Easy to Love” with Bucie in 2013 and “Inde” in 2017.

Mkhululi Siqula was born in Port Elizabeth and practically stumbled into a recording session while doing an errand to a friend’s house as a teenager. He was enthralled, and he proceeded to educate himself how to make music, DJ, and write songs soon after.

Heavy K was taught by legendary producer Oskido early in his career, who helped him develop his talents both live and in the studio. The two collaborated on the song “Woza Nana” in 2013. Later that year, he released Respect the Drumboss, his first official album, and scored a breakout hit with the solitary single “Easy to Love,” which featured singer Bucie.

As we wish him a happy birthday lets take a look at some of his highlights from the past year.

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When the Amapiano pioneers claimed they intended to bring Amapiano to the world, they didn’t anticipate the world to’steal’ their hard work. Jorja Smith, an American singer, previewed her new “Amapiano” track, All Of This, which was created by Guilty Beatz.

While some South Africans are split on the record, claiming that it doesn’t seem like an Amapiano song, others couldn’t help but notice the similarities to Heavy K’s Easy To Love.

Heavy K’s Easy To Love featuring Bucie is considered to be a slower rendition of Jorja’s song. This has enraged Tweeps, who are enraged by Jorja’s and her producer’s lack of appreciation. The timeline is battling for “credit where credit is due!” and Heavy K is furious.

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Not only does the song appear to be a rip-off of Heavy K’s Easy To Love, but fans are also puzzled as to what makes it amapiano when it sounds like House Music.

In the music industry, celebrity feuds and beefs are nothing new, and Maphorisa is no stranger to forming rivalries. Because of his popularity with the Amapiano genre, the Amapiano DJ was recently accused of being cocky. He is one of the people that jumped ship and helped the genre reach its current colossal heights, and he is encouraging others to do the same.

The Scorpion King graciously invited Shimza, Heavy K, and DJ Black Coffee to include Amapiano music in their sets. Despite the fact that they are not Amapiano DJs, their influence in the business is so great that their performance of the songs would boost the genre.

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“I desire Shimza, Heavy K le Bo Black Coffee badlale amapiano amapiano amapiano amapiano amapiano amapiano amapiano amap (could play Amapiano). He commented on Facebook, “It will mean a lot for the movement ya amapiano.”

Doesn’t that sound like a fantastic plan? Shimza and Heavy K, on the other hand, are against it. In reality, they banded together to bring Maphorisa to justice. They informed the DJ that he would not be telling them what to do.

Heavy K answered by adding that his ten years in the industry had allowed him to be adaptable and test out new sounds. Despite the fact that he is proficient at Amapiano and House music, he wishes to expand his musical horizons.

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Mkhululi Siqula, better known as Heavy K, is not one to stir up controversy on social media, nor does he frequently accept negativity or trolls, but everyone has a breaking point, and when trolls came after him lately, he told them where to get off.

The Drumboss took to social media to share a full-body photo of himself, which was met with a barrage of criticism and body shaming.

The ‘Uyeke’ hitmaker has been in the industry for a long time, and no house music fan is unaware of his weight, which is why he goes by the stage name ‘Heavy’ K. Despite this, some internet trolls continue to make fun of his weight and call him names after all these years.
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Disgusting and insulting slurs were hurled at the musician in the comments area, but he was having none of it this time. Heavy K responded to some of the remarks with the following: “You’re free to consume iK**a [s**t] now. I’m immune to this energy because I’m very familiar with myself.”

The musician went on to say that he does not support body shaming because it can have a bad influence on people with low self-esteem. He also encouraged people to be kind to one another.
When a marriage with a kid or children divorces on acrimonious terms, things can quickly spiral out of control. This is because a lot of vital communication is lost, and reason frequently leaves the building.

Heavy K recently felt that he needed to address this in a Facebook post. Single moms, he believes, should cease using their children as weapons against their dads. He also advises them to be more mature and sensitive, as their actions have an impact on the children.

“To all the ladies who are using kids to fight their battles or those who are trying to hurt responsible baby daddies by not allowing them to be in their kids’ lives.

“Please stop that nonsense because it’s painful and evil, be matured, be considerate, it ain’t about you but the kid,” he wrote.