There’s no one living it up the way Senzo Meyiwa’s life is


There’s no one living it up the way Senzo Meyiwa’s life is

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We last read about the late soccer star’s wife Mandisa Mkhize, when she was seen living large last November 2021 through her Instagram posts.

The beautiful Mandisa married Senzo Meyiwa in March 2013. Not even a year after they tied a knot Senzo was reported to be dating South African’s favourite musician Kelly Khumalo, whom we learnt later that they have a child together.

We don’t have answers to why Mandisa calls herself Mkhize and not Meyiwa as they were married, but perhaps it is because the Soccer star was rumoured to have plans of divorcing his wife. On her interview with Times Live Mandisa revealed to have move out of the home they shared with Senzo.

Before Meyiwa’s tragic death on 26 October 2014 during an armed robbery incident at his girlfriend residence, Mandisa told the press she had accepted that she has lost her husband. Mandisa and senzo share a beautiful daughter by the name of Nana Meyiwa, who is seen on social media posts from time to time being posted by her mother.

Mandisa has definitely had her share of a hard knock life as she was at some stage accused by Black Twitter users for also having a motive to kill Senzo. Others saying Senzo might have taken a bullet meant for Kelly from Mandisa, while others were not buying it defending Mandisa. At the end of the day that was nothing but the rumours and speculations that were never proven to be true or false.

The Mrs seems to be happily minding her own business and handling her social media appearance with a significant following of 11.9k on Instagram. For unknown reasons the beauty doesn’t seem to have an active Twitter account. As reported on Savanna News rumours has it Mandisa makes more money through sponsored advertisements. The widow was also said to have several salons and line brands under her name. This makes sense to where she has been getting the money she splashes on her partying life style on social media. It has to be tons of thousands to afford her the Prada and Gucci she has been potted wearing.

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Not to mention the top- of – the range set of wheels she has been seen driving. We are talking about the VW Golf GTI, BMW sports cars and a Mercedes Benz GLE that costs nothing short of R1.2 million. One thing for sure Mandisa is living her best life.

Apart from her social media luxury life, little is known about Mandisa. We are happy to know she has brains. Mandisa studied at the University of Technology where she obtained her Human Resource Management diploma and later topped it with a diploma in Business administration at the institute in 2008. We are wishing the queen more glow, life and possibly a man in the process (if she doesn’t have one already).

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