#TheWayNgingakhona Innocent Matijane details.


#TheWayNgingakhona Innocent Matijane details.

Moja Love’s latest reality show, “The Way Ngingakhona”, follows three friends showing viewers a number of their daily activities and revealing moments of pride and struggles faced by the LGBTQI+ community.

It stars social media star Innocent Matijane, Tholang Motsumi and MJ Maponya.

We trapped with Innocent.

How did your involvement in “The Way Ngingakhona” come about?
I actually visited the Moja Love offices for an audition for a music show and that i was introduced to Tholang Motsumi who was also there. one among the producers told me about a thought that they had for a reality show and that I said why don’t we have a show that focuses on the LGBTQI+ community and that’s how it all happened.

What made you say yes to be apart of this show?
I said yes because I wanted to be apart of a show that empowers others once they watch it. it had been important to teach people of the daily struggles and lives of individuals within the LGBTQI+ community and this show does that.

The show chronicles the lives of young black South Africans within the LGBTQI+ community during a very personal and sometimes raw way, were you in the least apprehensive about what you reveal about yourself on the show?

Not really. it’s a reality and if I’m emotional for instance, that ought to show. once you deliver your truth that’s when people relate to you which is when the show touches lives. I also think that folks are ready to tell what’s fake and what’s real so it’s vital to point out what we actually undergo.

How supportive were your friends and family of you doing the show and also being featured?

My ally was very supportive initially but he did get a touch uncomfortable while filming. I never told my family, I just ambushed them with cameras.

What were a number of the challenges of filming a reality show?
I think the foremost challenging thing was personality clashes. I even have a robust personality that’s up and down so albeit we developed a minor friendship before shooting we were still going to know one another.

What has been the foremost rewarding part of doing this show?
This show is a few shirt lifters, a bis3xual man and a transgender woman and therefore the most rewarding part is being apart of a show that’s changing the narrative of how society sees us.