They don’t care about her legacy: Zahara’s sisters put her furniture and valuables on a mega sale


They don’t care about her legacy: Zahara’s sisters put her furniture and valuables on a mega sale

Zahara’s sisters are making headlines after they put her furniture on a mega sale after being evicted from her lush house.

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Late Afropop star Zahara’s family is topping trends after listing her furniture and other valuables for sale. Reports have it that the family is selling her flashiest furniture and other belongings to the highest bidder after being evicted from her house.

Rumour mill has it that the family is circulating photos of some of her household items on WhatsApp with price tags.



No doubt, some of the items have since flooded social media, leaving many concerned. Reports have it that the furniture was under Zahara’s sister, Bendezwa Mkutukana-Febana, who occupied the lush house while the star was in the hospital.

However, reports have it that Sars allegedly evacuated her from the house after failing to settle Zahara’s debt, which she owed the bank in arrears. Close friends of the late star have since confirmed the news to the media.

One of Zahara’s close friends told Sunday World, “They are selling absolutely everything without even consulting her elders at home. That furniture is way too expensive for what they are selling it for. They … really don’t care about her legacy.”

However, rumour mill has it that her sisters approached some of Zahara’s former clients and friends to buy some of her furniture before putting the rest on a mega sale. Reports have it that some of the property will be taken to their hometown, Eastern Cape.

Zahara mzansi
Zahara mzansi


Against the news, Zahara’s best friend, Vusi Nova, expressed sadness over the incident. He also stated that he was unaware despite vowing to help the family whenever possible.

Speaking to the media, Vusi Nova said, “I am always there for the stuff they need and for the parents, but they did not tell me anything about selling furniture. I am so shocked about what you are telling me. I didn’t know.”

However, Zahara’s cousin and former manager, Oyama Dyosiba, also confirmed the news. He said he was alerted by former clients who were informed about the sale by Zahara’s sisters.

“Old clients called asking me what was happening and why are we selling her furniture. I was not aware of what was happening. And I just told them I have not been active, and I have removed myself from her affairs since the sisters took over,” he said.

Zahara’s husband revealed that he was also not aware of the sale. Reports have it that they are also selling her awards. Rumour mill has it that he has not been on talking terms with Zahara’s family since her death. He accused the family of ill-treatment.



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