Things are not going well for the Durban Gen.

Things are not going well for the Durban Gen.

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Durban Gen is allegedly struggling to draw in viewers. The telenovela remains in its first season, but things aren’t going well for the show.

Sources said that it’s now performing on a turnaround strategy to enhance the number of viewers.

But it’s just like the strategy has affected three of its actors.

An inside source said that Durban Gen has released Ntando Mncube who plays Sbusiso, Thulani Shange who plays Dr Ngcobo, and Sfiso Sibiya, who plays Babu Gumede.

“These actors won’t be seen in season two. The producers believe that Mncube and Sibiya lack charisma. But with Thulani it’s a special story because he demanded a raise ,” said the mole.

Durban Gen is produced by glass TV where former president Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Gugu Zuma-Ncube, is one among the chief directors.

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And Thulani has been working for Stained Glass’ three productions. He started on Ehostela, Uzalo and now Durban Gen.

It’s isn’t the primary time he gets the boot from the corporate. It also happened when he was with Uzalo.

The second source said the producers are getting to bring new actors, whom they believe will help to extend the number of viewers.

“When the show started, people watched it but i feel they expected more and were disappointed. you’ll remember that in November it had two million viewers, but that number decreased in no time. and therefore the show’s strategy of using an equivalent actors they use on Uzalo doesn’t add its favour. People want to ascertain new faces, faces that bring life and entertainment,” said the source.

When contacted for comment, Sibiya asked Daily Sun to talk to the assembly company.

Thulani said: “I’m still with Durban Gen. If you would like more details please speak to glass .”

Stained Glass spokeswoman Nomfundo Zondi said they’re going to issue a press release .

“I understand that the news of actors who are leaving Durban Gen has been leaked. But I cannot confirm anything now. What I can say is that if we’ve changes, we’ll issue a press statement,” said Nomfundo.

She confirmed that there’ll be new faces in season 2, which can start in October.

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