This dress made Shauwn Mkhize look like she was in her twenties


This dress made Shauwn Mkhize look like she was in her twenties

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Today we get to engage more about the well known philanthropist Dr Shauwn Mkhize. She is popularly known as Mamkhize from KwaZulu-Natal the mother of the popular musician Andile Mpisane. She is an award winning businesswoman, actress and reality TV star. She is one of the richest women in South Africa with an estimated networth of R300 000 000.Mkhize has been said to be one of the influential celebrities in South Africa.
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Many people have been wondering how old she is, unfortunately up to today her age is not yet revealed. She has decided to keep her age a secret but rumours have been saying that she is fifty years old. She is known as the woman who loves fashion and always dresses to look the part. Everytime when she dresses she always leave people talking. It her motivational words that she always share to the people everyday that made them to fall inlove with her.


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Her words have uplifted many people all over the country. She is known as the fearless woman who is always ready to fight any obstacle that comes her way. Negative opinions about her from the people do not even break her down.She motivates many people all over the world to deal with whatever that gets thrown in their faces with a positive energy.
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Although people have attacked her saying that she is a bad mother because Andile married Tamia instead of Sithelo who is the mother of his two daughters she continues to be strong and wake up everyday with so much positive energy to protect her family. Such a strong and fearless woman who gets attacked almost every day but hangs in there. Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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