This is a list of what Mohale wants for divorce from Somizi


This is a list of what Mohale wants for divorce from Somizi

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Somizi and ex-husband Mohale Motaung are completely over heels in love with their divorce settlement. It appears as though the two are unable to agree on the terms of their divorce. According to reports, Somizi Mhlongo, the judge who presided over the Idols SA divorce proceedings, became frustrated.
The couple’s story is not perpetually happy. They married in 2020, and their relationship lately shifted from North to South. Their divorce was precipitated by Mohale’s revelation that Somizi was an abusive husband. Mohale vowed to broadcast his explosive dirty secrets.
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Separation of media personalities Somizi and his ex-husband are preparing to divide their joint estate, but Mohale has made it quite obvious that he is not interested in anything. What he wants are his clothing, which are stored in their Fourways house, and the car, which is alleged to be the sticking point in their negotiations. The Citizen reports that the media celebrity and choreographer became enraged about Mohale’s desire for an automobile.

According to reports, Somizi rejected Mohale’s proposal to proceed immediately. It concluded with Somizi becoming increasingly enraged to the point of insulting during the courtroom negotiations. Somizi and Mohale are feuding over their former shared estate. Bear in mind that both of them married in the traditional manner. There was a lobola, which resulted in their marriage being incorporated into the community of property. Mohale appears to have unreasonable expectations of Somizi. Their joint estate must be equally divided. The sad part is that Somizi has worked extremely hard to get to this point.

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