This is how money plays its part with the Maputla family

This is how money plays its part with the Maputla family


One thing about Sabc soapies shows, they are exceptionally instructive and consistently have a storyline that brings issues to light on a genuine circumstance.

The Seakamela’s are as yet stressed that Meikie may employ somebody to remain in her situation in jail, all the more particularly after the trick Meikie pulled the earlier day at court .

The Maputla’s gaze at the Seakamela’s as they hold an exceptionally amazing petition right external the court. Meikie is persuaded they’re petitioning God for her ruin while Leeto is kept down en route to give the Seakamela’s his piece of brain.

Clearly, Meikie is viewed unquestionably liable of two charges, endeavored murder and crazy shooting. The sentence is going to reported on Friday 3 December 2021. She will be staying in jail until Friday.


Basically Mapitsi will be there to keep the Maputla house warm and all around took care of when Meikie goes to prison.

Charles is dubious and needs to know the connection among Magongwa and Alfios. Magongwa is persuaded head Thobakgale and Mamaka are plotting his destruction with respect to the Turfloop college.

Radio counsel audience members about the Transnet trick. The two casualties are in profound distress as they were defrauded a great deal however of cash. This trick and transnet scene is so instructive and instructive in light of the fact that a great many people succumb to these tricks. With joblessness rate on the ascent individuals effectively fall into tricks. Individuals are more frantic than any other time in recent memory with everything going up.


Maureen was misled 94k, very much like that. Who pays for materials prior to getting a genuine delicate.

Clearly Nothile lied about eliminating her belly and presently Lehasa appear to be keen on the new young lady around.

Katlego exhortation Alfios to convince Glenda as he appear to adore her, it’s an insignificant Alfios feels like Glenda is way out of his association. Alfios can’t settle on his own choices without speaking with the Magongwas first.