This is the age difference between Sophie Ndaba and her ex-husband


This is the age difference between Sophie Ndaba and her ex-husband

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The actress and businesswoman Sophie Ndaba met with Max Lichaba, an actor and a businesswoman. Sophie is commonly known as Sophie Ndaba by many because she took her surname. Ndaba, on the other hand, is her former marital surname which she held in 2007 with Themba Ndaba, from whom she split.

Sophie is in contact with Max Lichaba, whom she met through her own buddy. Sophie and her partner are currently living together. On the other side, without announcing a break-up with Mr. Lichaba, Sophie has recently returned to Ndaba’s maiden name. Sophie was born on 29 June 1973 according to the sources. According to the same sources, Sophie Ndaba is 48 years old from 2021 forward. On the other hand, it is expected that Max Lichaba will be 40 years old by 2021.
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According to most Africans, Sophie is eight years older than her husband, thought to be an oddity because many think that a husband must be older than a married lady. However, in my opinion, age is just a number, and as you love one another, there is nothing to be worried about.

In my analysis, I believe that age should not be considered in a partnership. Many people fear approaching their spouse or wife, whether too elderly or too young. When it comes to the heart, age is just a number, it ought not to stop anyone pursuing their love of life. If you really love someone, don’t consider age, as age is only a few that don’t care.

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