This is the reason why Shauwn Mkhize does not accept acting roles


This is the reason why Shauwn Mkhize does not accept acting roles

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Shauwn Mkhize were excited by the news that she could have been cast on Umkhokha. Unfortunately, she refused to accept the offer to appear in the television series because she had to prioritize the football team’s Royal AM. Sean told

Rumors spread that she would be on hit television when she was photographed with the show’s executive producer, Mandra Keswa. She said Mandra was like a brother to her because she was so far away. This doesn’t mean she’s currently working with him, but I didn’t want to rule out that possibility because something is possible. She may be.

“Mandra is a brother so we can always take pictures together. We are from Lamontville so he is a brother. Now I don’t want to say anything, so observe this room. At MaMkhize anything It’s possible, “Mkhize told the publication. Phil Mphela announced she would appear on the show, but the idea failed: “Umkhokha’s Mamkhize! Yes, I was planning a businessman and a reality star to make a cameo in a hit series. The plan didn’t work, but the question arises … Do you have a career in Sean’s acting?

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Especially since her role as Uzaro, who wasn’t auditioned. People weren’t very open to the idea that she would appear on TV.

MaMkhize had a man who thought he was fooling him on Facebook, but he was actually a scammer disguised as her. did. She repeatedly informed her fans that she wasn’t using Facebook or TikTok. Sivuyile Sophi told Daily Sun that he was fooled by the last R1,000 to buy uniforms for his kids.
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“This person promised to earn R15,000 in 3 hours when I paid R5,000. I didn’t have R5,000, but unfortunately the last R1,000 Invested, “Sophie told the publication. “I wanted to save R1,000 and buy stationery and uniforms in January and kept looking for other ways to make money.”

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“… depositing R1,000 at that point.” So she promised R5. When asked to send her bank PIN, he realized he was fraudulent.

Sophie wanted to get her money back. But unfortunately I didn’t receive it. Instead, it was blocked.

Sean has kept himself away from this crime. But that is not the only negative attention her family has received. Sean had to warn the trolls not to get the kids involved in the drama

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