This is the truth of what happened to Sophie Ndaba


This is the truth of what happened to Sophie Ndaba

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Sophie Ndaba’s disappearance from social media and other entertaining activities is disturbed. The actress’s last post on Instagram was in November 2021 and it’s been a while since she made headlines. In late 2021 the star made headlines due to the divorce between her and her husband, Max.

Sophie Ndaba

Sophie reportedly divorced her husband due to his infidelity and the saga went up to the extent of her son dropping a diss track against Max.

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The actress’ whereabouts are unknown to most fans and nothing has been said of her since she took an unannounced break. Asides from the whole divorce issue, Sophie is known to have a long-term battle with depression and diabetes.

A few years ago, she was rumored dead, but she rubbished the rumors saying she was sick, as she appeared to have lost weight. We hope Sophie Ndaba is fine and okay – Her fans miss her dearly.

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