This is what Makhadzi’s palace looks like from the inside


This is what Makhadzi’s palace looks like from the inside

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Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona, a.k.a Makhadzi, is one of the finest talents in South Africa’s entertainment industry. She is a musician, songwriter, and dancer with numerous prestigious awards to her name, including an Afrima that she scooped in 2021. Her talent and hard work have enabled her to achieve her dreams, like living in her dream house.

The Tshanda Vhuya hitmaker’s ascent to greatness has been quite rapid, given that she only started performing in 2010. Before that, Makhadzi used to sell CDs with her friends at the mall- talk about starting from the bottom.

Right now, Makhadzi is rolling in big money and living the dream. Besides the cash she has made from her music, Makhadzi has also been able to secure some lucrative, multi-million deals like her R120 million endorsement deal with Kokhova footwear company.

Along with her brilliant mind for composing great hits, it appears that Makhadzi is keen on making smart investments, and they are reaping big.

At only 25-years old, Makhadzi can proudly say that she has built not one but four houses! That’s way more than what a lot of people can accomplish in a lifetime.

In 2021, she debuted her latest house in a video that Fresh Trendz shared on Youtube. DJ Oskido also did a mini-tour of Makhadzi’s house, and in as much as we were impressed with the mansion, Makhadzi’s energy just made us wish we were there too- sis is such a vibe. Just see for yourself.

Where is Makhadzi’s house located?

Makhadzi’s house is located in the affluent part of Africa’s richest city, a.k.a Johannesburg, so technically, sis has made it in life.

She also has a block of flats that she rents out in Sunnyside central, Pretoria.

How much did Makhadzi’s house cost?

Makhadzi’s new house cost around R4 million. Isn’t that impressive?

Speaking in the video, Makhadzi revealed that she bought the house with her own money and that she owed nobody, not the bank, not a soul.

“When they say hard work pays off, they mean it. Look at me. I am enjoying myself in my own house. I don’t owe this house, don’t be fooled. If you have power, you can check. This is not credit.” Makhadzi said in the video.

What cool features does Makhadzi’s house have?

Makhadzi’s house is tastefully furnished, and we have got to say that sis has great tastes.

The exterior is painted in cool white and grey colours, and has huge sliding glass doors and windows.


The house also boasts of a swimming pool and an outdoor lounge area next to the pool.

To complement the exterior, the house’s interior is fully furnished too. It’s painted white with pieces of art on the wall and a few house plants.

Sis also has a spacious modern kitchen complete with a kitchen island.


Did Makhadzi buy her parents’ houses?

Before buying a house for herself, Makhadzi also bought a house for each of her parents who live separately. She also bought a house for her grandmother.

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