This is what Somizi was getting from an Idols show

This is what Somizi was getting from an Idols show

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Have you been wondering how much your favorite judges on Idols earn to just sit, be pretty, and use their talents to judge South African upcoming musicians?

Here we have managed to get how much judges and presenters earn and the package it comes with being an Idol judge.

A car.

The producers at SIC Entertainment do all the judge’s travel arrangements to and from recordings for the program, as well as other appearances judges have to do for the show. But if they feel like not getting along with the driver they are allowed with their own cars.


The trouble with sleeping arrangements, accommodation is on a bed and breakfast basis is provided to ensure judges make no appearance with an empty stomach.

Flights sorted
Somizi was getting from an Idols show
Idols SA judges have their flights upgraded to business class all the way.

Daily Allowance

An Idols SA judge gets R1500 out-of-town allowance just in case money for lunch is needed.

Monthly Salary

As of 2021 an SA Idol judge to pocket, some extra spending money R48 700 per month over a period of 10 months to be exact.

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