This is why tweeps think Pearl Thusi should be running the country

This is why tweeps think Pearl Thusi should be running the country

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi has never been shy to let her opinions and personal convictions be known, especially when it comes to politics. And today, she has once again slammed a savage clap back at a government official online.


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The Johannesburg Executive Mayor-Elect, Dr. Mpho Phalatse, recently went online to speak on her disappointment at how the Covid 19 pandemic is being handled in the country. In a recent raid conducted by the government, they allegedly discovered that multiple nightclubs were not adhering to Covid’s protocol, which she painted as irresponsible of the club owners and patrons.

But Pearl had time and immediately pointed out the irony in holding nightclubs to higher standards than the politicians hold themselves to. Responding to the tweet by Dr Mpho, she asked whether the politicians had taken the listed Covid measures earlier on in the year when they were having campaign rallies.

Tweeps poured into Pearl’s comments to applaud her for asking the important questions. This was followed by further instances of the government flouting its own regulations, noting the hypocrisy in now holding citizens accountable for the politicians’ mistakes. She has even been praised as a true leader offering guidance when elected leaders are failing at their duties.

However, the applause is coming as a double-edged sword, as some have taken the chance to subtly troll Pearl. Tweeps say that they had lost all hope in ever hearing Pearl say something intelligent, but now she was restoring their hope.

This sentiment probably arises from the fact that Pearl did not stay quiet in the long-running public saga between Uyajola 9/9 host Jub Jub and multiple female public figures who accused him of sexual and physical assault.

In fact, speaking shortly before, Pearl had raised the issue of Jub Jub’s mother, saying she had allegedly scammed Oprah and used young kids to get funding by pretending to be desolate orphans.

As you can imagine, her earlier tweet attracted a lot of backlash from the rapper’s defenders. Although the saga has rocked the country for over a week now, it is still mostly on a “he said she said” level, and the parties just recently said they would be involving the law.
Pearl Thusi

Even so, many tweeps feel that it is wrong to drag his mother into his messes, whether or not the allegations are true. But Pearl brought up Mama Jackie’s past in a bid to discredit audio that went public recently in which the lady bashes the women who accused Jub Jub.

Either way, Pearl’s question remains valid. If the country ever hopes to wipe out the pandemic, we all have to act as one and follow the guidelines. Otherwise, the deeds of the responsible half will be invalidated by the other half.