This lady made a big mistake at Sumbody’ s funeral

This lady made a big mistake at Sumbody’s funeral


On Saturday Dj Sumbody was laid to rest in Limpopo after he was shot and killed in Johannesburg his family wanted to bury him close to his family and friends where she grow up. A lot of people came since he was a celebrity a lot of celebrity came and attended the funeral, including community members who knew him.

One of the community members who attended the funeral did something that left people in shock asking themselves why did this girl do what she did, in public worse part of the funeral.

A video of a lady at the funeral of Dj Sumbody was shared on social media, on this video, this lady is seen posing as if she was at a wedding. In the video she is heard saying we have arrived at the funeral, posing and pouting like what she is doing was ok and this is a wedding, forgetting that people are mourning and she is here celebrating the worse part of it she was wearing a crop top at the funeral. Before this video, there was another video of herself and her saying if you didn’t attend the funeral you are not a slaying

This shows that we are living in a messed-up world where people do things to please other people. Because to be honest there is no other reason why this lady did what she did except that she wanted to be seen that she attended Dj Sumbody’s funeral. Because that’s what people do, they want to trend and get followers by doing things that will embarrass them.

She wanted to trend and now she is trending but not in a good way because people are not pleased with what she did, as they are saying that it was unacceptable to do something like that at the funeral, especially for someone who is a celebrity, and who died to painful.

People are saying this is so embarrassing, social media is ruining people because people’s lives are controlled by social media nowadays it’s all about content, likes, and followers. They say a funeral is something people need to respect, she was wearing a sleeveless top, and a crop top at the funeral, and she didn’t cover her head, they say you can’t just go around doing such things and think it’s ok. People need to respect themselves by pleasing people by doing such things it’s a no.