This lady was the last to meet AKA before his death

This lady was the last to meet AKA before his death

The people of South Africa have been thinking and wondering about what could have led to the brutal shooting and killing of a well-known artist named AKA. His real name is Kiernan Jarryd Forbes and he was a Well known popular hip-hop musician.

His music made people dance with the voice becoming a notorious tool for people to dance and glance at the talent he has. AkA was on their way to attend a Saturday night gig which showed to be the end of his life since he was shot and killed outside a Florida hotel in the KwaZulu-Natal province.

A random lady on Twitter shared her first-time experience with AKA which others called the day his death was announced. She said the only thing that she has about AKA Kiernan Jarry Forbes is that he is so tall and he thanked his friends for allowing him to take pictures with his fans. It seems like AKA was a good person despite the rumours that he might not be the person he shows to the people.

What is your intake on this matter and why do you say so?

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