This newest celebrity couple AKA And Nadia Make It Official


This newest celebrity couple AKA And Nadia Make It Official

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AKA And Nadia Nakai have been speculated to be dating for some time now and all the dots seem to connect effortlessly. But for those who are still a bit skeptical to believe any of this, perhaps they are still waiting for a picture of them kissing on vacation like Anton and Boity. But We hope this will convince you just a little bit more.

To be fair, Nadia Nakai never tried so hard to hide her “relationship” with Supa Mega. She posted her little bonding session with his dog Louie. But AKA on the other hand, he does try to keep it low key, but he does not try hard enough.

If you want to hide something AKA, do not hide it in plain sight. He posted pictures of him on vacation at the exact same location Nadia posted of her on vacation and at the same time as each other.

But now, what is more convincing is the fact that he actually commented on her Instagram post and that just sealed the deal. If that doesn’t. We don’t know what will.

Under his comment were fans who were excited that he finally acknowledges her and she by the way, smiled back at him.

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This newest celebrity couple is the cutest and we understand why there would be people who are not in support of their union. For starters, AKA lost his fiancé Anele Tembe in the most tragic way a year ago.

With the high level of Gender Based Violence in the country, he was the number 1 suspect and people who are not his fan always accused him of something.

Secondly, Nadia and Cassper Nyovest were thick as thieves but they stopped being friends when Nadia started working with AKA. Cass and AKA do not get a long, at all.

So Nadia dating his biggest enemy was bound to end their friendship and working relationship.

Neither of them spoke about the real reason they stopped being close but Nadia always paid respect to Cassper publicly, especially when she launched her own record label.

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“I’m so excited about the next chapter of my life! Here’s to officially starting my own record label BRAGGA RECORDS. I wouldn’t be able to do this without @casspernyovest and @familytreeworld THANK YOU for all that you invested in me over the years!”

During her interview with Slikour on his YouTube channel, she announced she left The Tree and why they stopped talking, “I am no longer with The Tree. I am working on my own record label. I need to be able to stand on my own. Funny enough, I was actually scared to tell Cass. Even after I told him, I could feel that he was a bit sad, but we are good.

“He even suggested a few record label names for me to use… I will always hold Cass in the highest regard and respect because he’s been very instrumental in my career and my life. I want to be able to get to a point where even when I have kids, I can still work on an artist and actively build their brand. I am a little bit scared but also super excited.”

“After I did the Braai Show we didn’t speak for like eight months so I got so used to not talking to him much.”

“It was a decision I made for myself because I felt like I wanted to expand myself. I think people just felt like I automatically inherited things he (Cassper) is going through and that kinda trickled down to me and would affect me as well. Even though he is my brother and I’ll always support him and have his back I felt like I needed to open up myself a little bit more because I need to be seen as someone who is platonic.”

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