Thobile Makhumalo on RHOD flips the scales of Mzansi


Thobile Makhumalo on RHOD flips the scales of Mzansi

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Thobile Makhumalo Mseleku wife of polygamist Musa Mseleku joined the second season of Real housewives of Durban. When it was announced that she would be joining the show most of her followers were happy to s that she was doing something on her own. However, most people shared their opinions on the matter while others discouraged the idea saying Thobile didn’t quite fit the standard of the show.

Since the show began she has been criticized and mocked. Firstly she was mocked for featuring her Mzumbe house on the show, viewers of the show argued that it didn’t quite fit compared to the houses of the other women. While others felt people were being unfair to her as that was her house and people needed to respect that.

Again this week Thobile is being criticized for bringing her husband. Some people feel Makhumalo can’t differentiate between the content of RHOD and of Uthando Nesthembu. It seems as if MaKhumalo has no life of her own but her life revolves around her husband. People want to know who is Thobile without her polygamous marriage sister wives and husband, they want to know who is she, what is her purpose and what does she do that doesn’t include her husband.

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The Mseleku’s have come under fire viewers have criticized them for imposing polygamy on their guests. Probably that’s what makes them standout and that’s what they are generally known for. However, their life choices is their and should not be imposed on all people. People already know Thobile and her husband and their family. However what else can she bring to the table, to the viewers?

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The first season of the show the women introduced themselves to the general public, they showcased their hustles and businesses. Since Makhumalo wasn’t part of the first season perhaps most viewers expected that from her. What is her individuality, we already know what makes her standout from her sister wives but what makes her standout from women she doesn’t share a husband with. It’s still early days of the show probably there’s more to her.

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