Thobile Mseleku join RHOD and fans are not happy with this decision


Thobile Mseleku join RHOD and fans are not happy with this decision

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After the announcement of the second season of The Real Housewives of Durban, social media has been buzzing mainly because of the added faces on the show, what surprised people the most was the wife of polygamist Musa Mseleku, Thobile joining the show. Thobile MaKhumalo Mseleku is the third wife of Musa Mseleku, she works on a radio station and had been a part of their family’s reality show Uthando Nesthembu.

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On Uthando Nesthembu Thobile has been a fan favorite since the beginning of the show, she’s young and fun her beauty can’t be compared. However, what captured people’s hearts was the fact that MaKhumalo can’t convince them. Most people relate to her because they know how life can be difficult for you if you can’t give your husband children and it’s worse if you’re in a polygamous marriage. In this instance, Thobile is the only wife out of 4 who hasn’t conceived for her husband.

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Even so, MaKhumalo will be a part of the second season of the reality show. While most people felt Thobile doesn’t qualify to be a part of the show because she wasn’t a housewife but employed, others felt she didn’t financially fit. However, there are many factors that disqualify MaKhumalo of being a part of this show.

Shows like Real Housewives require the wives to sleep out and mingle with their newly found friendship. On their reality show, MaNgwabe revealed she couldn’t attend study groups because her husband wouldn’t allow it, so it makes one wonder how will Thobile participate in the activities of her new show. Or will her husband make exceptions for her?

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Already that will cause drift in the family that lacks unity, why is Thobile treated differently from the other wives. This seems disrespectful to MaCele the elder wife, probably they had an agreement that MaKhumalo could join the show but it isn’t wise. If anything MaCele is the only wife that should represent the Mseleku’s individually, it’s like in an event MaCele speaks for them all and represents them all, why then is the younger wife representing them.

Thobile has style and class she perfectly fits on a show like Real Housewives. Her house is in the Mseleku Homestead where she lives but will there be an exception for RHOD will she move?

What are your thoughts?

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