Three men stole the skom Transformers.


Three men stole the skom Transformers.


Three men were nabbed by police in Diepsloot within the north of Johannesburg for the alleged theft of ten Eskom transformers worth nearly R500,000, the facility utility said on Friday. The trio was arrested after security personnel, working on a tip-off, discovered that an illegal construction, just a kilometer faraway from 11kV overhead power lines, was supplying informal settlements within the area.

“These arrests followed an in-depth investigation through the collaboration of Eskom and therefore the SAPS. this is often a part of an ongoing bunco together of the multipronged approaches to affect any criminality that seeks to undermine Eskom’s efforts to provide electricity,” said Motlhabane Ramashi, Eskom’s senior manager for maintenance and operations in Gauteng. The group was also charged with tampering with the network infrastructure in Diepsloot Ext 13, where cables and poles suspected to belong to City Power were recovered at the scene.

Rashi said the arrests come because the entity recently implemented a rotational load reduction initiative in certain areas that had been regularly overloaded, and Diepsloot was one of the areas. The load reductions are aimed toward protecting Eskom’s assets from repeated failure and explosions, also as curbing the rising costs that are a result of frequent equipment failures,” said Rashi.

The utility said there was an exponential increase in energy demand during peak hours within the mornings and evenings thanks to the network overloads, which caused the failure of kit and explosions. He said there had been as a result of illegal connections, meter bypasses, and tampering with the electricity infrastructure in areas with high population density and multiple and/or backyard dwellings.

“We would really like to commend members of the general public for his or her active citizenry by taking a stand against illegal activities that interfere with the safety of supply and also compromise public safety thanks to exposure to unprotected electricity infrastructure. Eskom is decided to safeguard and protects its assets during the lockdown period to make sure provision of service to residents and other essential services,” added Ramashi.