Thuli is indeed in love with Mr Jazziq and her relationship with DJ Maphorisa is over.

Thuli is indeed in love with Mr Jazziq and her relationship with DJ Maphorisa is over.

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A month ago the black Twitter PRESIDENT revealed that she’s dating DJ Maphorisa which seemed to be more convincing as more proof beyond their entanglement was proved later then. It seems the two met in a gig and Maphorisa started hitting on her and started going on dates where both DJ Maphorisa and Thuli P posted the same video on Instagram status.

Watch their video here:

However, it seems like she has fallen in love with another Well known DJ. Yesterday Thuli Phongolo made headlines on Twitter as she blocked the black Twitter PRESIDENT after he revealed that she’s dating Mr Jazziq. Thuli P blocking the president made the situation awkward as many people went crazy on Twitter saying that the two are really dating indeed and she’s has been off with Powry.

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See how people reacted to this tweet:

The black Twitter PRESIDENT posted a picture of thuli P and Mr Jazziq having some quality time together. It seems like the picture was also posted by Mr Jazziq on his Instagram account and it had a lot of talking but still Jazziq didn’t say anything about him having an affair with Thuli P.

However people do believe that Thuli is dating Jazziq and they also refer to her as the professor’s hit “intombi ithanda aboDJ”. The people’s allegations might be true because Powry never posted her and now she could have been in a more public relationship with Jazziq. She also commented on the picture Jazziq posted saying she warned him about the public’s reaction.

It appears that the pictures were taken 4 days ago where all the amapiano hit makers went on a gala dinner and Even Maphorisa was there but he wasn’t with Thuli as his plus 1. What’s fishy is why the two decided to post these pictures yesterday.

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I think that Thuli is indeed in love with Mr Jazziq and I also believe that her relationship with DJ Maphorisa is over. However she could be playing with fire because the two might be playing and she will get hurt in the process. However she makes a great couple with Jazziq though.

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