Thuli is ready to take the music scene by storm


Thuli is ready to take the music scene by storm

Watch out world, Thuli Phongolo is ready to take the music scene by storm. The actress, who shot to fame after making her debut on Generations: The Legacy, is determined to make a name of herself in the music world.

When asked about life after Generations, Thuli, who is famously known as Namhla (the name of her character) said on Power FM: “I’m a DJ. I did take on that DJ part while I was on Generations. So that’s my main focus now, music, and I’m really loving it, and obviously, I see more growth within the music industry and I would like to explore it more.”

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She said the support has been “absolutely amazing”.

“And I’m very grateful to every promoter that has taken a chance on me, and everyone that has been rooting for me and I’m doing really well.”

So, what are her plans for the next five years? Thuli has her sights set on ownership.

“I really want to have ownership – whether [it] be in the media industry or in business – I want to have something solid that I can say I don’t have to wait for someone to say, ‘I like that girl, let me give her the opportunity’ or ‘let me book Thuli’. I want to have something that I can say ‘this is my baby and I’m growing it’… My own legacy.”

She also added that she wants to get into the producing space. “I don’t see a lot of females doing it.”

If you’re still wondering why the actress is no longer on the popular SABC 1 soapie, she said to Move magazine about her departure: “I believe I have served my time on the show and it's now time to move on. Nothing bad is going on between me and the production company because I wasn't even limited as an actress.”

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@ThuliPhongolo