Thuso Mbedu tops Twitter and platforms this week

Thuso Mbedu tops Twitter and platforms this week

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South African actress Thuso Mbedu has been trending for most of the week after it was announced that she had landed a big gig alongside the talented Viola Davis in the upcoming movie The Woman King. The star recently took to IGTV to catch up with fans of hers around the world, primarily here in South Africa.

“We have just started the press for the Underground Railroad which is due out in twelve days, I am very excited. And in fact, what has moved me is their support. I’m the type to focus on work and move on to the next one, right? I’ve been locked up the whole time and I’m thinking it’s okay. ” she shared the star.
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She also revealed that she has not seen her loved ones in months due to lockdown restrictions. “I wanted my family to come to see me. However, they are unable to do so due to travel bans and I am trying to plan my 30th birthday. I am turning 30 this year in July. We try to plan for myself and my friends, but again there are travel restrictions. Hopefully, something will make sense by July, ”she added.

“The show will be worth watching, I promise you. And then the woman King (she yells). I found out about the project in 2019, right? It was like at the beginning. We had just started shooting Underground Railroad. We were filming in Georgia at the time I went to Los Angeles for a short break and was just taking general meetings. And I went to meet Viola David and her husband’s producer. And they had just told me about this project.

“It is set in the 19th century in Africa and is based on real-life events of female warriors. I am excited to be a part of history because we tell stories about Africa.”