Tibi’s mom from Scandal explains the side effects of breast change

Tibi’s mom from Scandal explains the side effects of breast change


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We live in a world where both men and women but mostly women are often not comfortable with how God designed them to be in terms of their physique. This is mostly caused by what social media defines a beautiful woman with a nice body. A myriad of women are not comfortable in how they look and are willing to alter certain parts of their bodies to fit on social media standards. Almost 93% of women worldwide desire to have thick thighs, big but, a flat stomach and small boobs because that is what the media defines a “fine and attractive” woman.

We have seen so many media personalities performing surgeries of different kinds to eradicate or augment certain parts of their lives to appear “perfect” in public and not because of feeling uncomfortable. This includes the likes of the renown Kim Kadarshian, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B and so many more.

Today we look at the life of a South African actress who is best renown for her role on Scandal as Tibi. Nolo Seabi who is better known as Seipati has recently done a breast reduction surgery of which she shares her journey on it on her Instagram stories. Upon having medium sized boobs, Nolo Seabia has shared on her Instagram story that she is not comfortable with her boobs and would like to do a breast reduction. She has been saving money because breast reduction surgeries are very expensive. As soon as she successfully gathered her coins, Nolo shared that though nervous she is about to partake on this journey and will later share her experience.

On her recent Instagram story, Nolo takes us through her journey as a breast reduction survivor. She shares that she paid R61 000 for the whole surgery to be performed. Nolo says it was done safe and successfully but she is still healing from side effects and allergy reactions. She says she has been given medication to heal the keloids and believes that she will be fine in the next coming weeks.

You are beautiful in the manner which God designed you to be. Do not allow what you see on social media to give you second thoughts on your physique. Do body reductions or augments because certain parts of your body make you uncomfortable and not because of being influenced by social media standards.

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