After Natasha Thahane yesterday, today ShoMdjozi is pregnant


After Natasha Thahane yesterday, today ShoMdjozi is pregnant

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It looks like all young celebrities are in a hurry to be young mothers. There have been so many young artists who recently got pregnant and announced their pregnancies on social media platforms. If you ask me, it’s like Jesus talked to them saying that children were getting finished fast in stores and that it was time for them to harvest their own before time flies.

ShoMadjozi just shared her picture after being quiet for some time now .she hasn’t been releasing anything, she is all mute at the moment. In that picture, she was looking all fresh and fat. What she wrote in the caption was that she was not pregnant but her glow was saying something completely different. Many people told her to not worry about what people will say about her as her life got nothing to do with anyone. At this point it’s not yet confirmed as to whether she is pregnant or not, it’s all pure speculations. Usually, artists share their pregnancy pictures when they are near to giving birth and it’s not always the case for people’s tummies to show up proving that they are pregnant. Sometimes one can give birth without anyone noticing that they were ever pregnant. It all depends on their bodies and how healthy they are eating.

ShoMadjozi has always kept her relationship private, no one knows who she is currently dating or who the father of her child might be . The fact that she thought about pregnancy while no one said anything clearly proves that she is indeed pregnant. There are those who believes she is just no longer going to the gym like she used to but on my side, I say where there a smoke, there’s always fire.

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