Today we will watch the start of the last season of the Queen series

Today we will watch the start of the last season of the Queen series

oming up on The Queen this week

As previously reported, Season 7 of The Queen is expected to hit your screens starting this Monday and this will come with a lot of changes fueled by its nearing end. Last year, Phil Mphela broke the news that Multichoice has decided to scrap the show from continuing due to the rise in demand for short-lived series. We’ve seen the recent trend in plummeting numbers clocking at less than a million views per episode. This is actually not that bad considering that it’s still occupying the second spot as the most viewed show. Join us as we unpack more of the story.


On its last episode we’ve e seen a lot of drama emerging between the newly reunited families. Instead of being a beautiful proposal party, things became sour really quickly when Majali decided to orchestrate a shooting directed at Harriet. Only if they knew that she also had her own plans to execute Hactor, things would have been much better. When the episode ended we’ve witnessed a shootout between Thando, Majali and Cebo’lihle.

The Queen this week

What’s with the trend of having blood shed at weedings

It has been a norm for celebrations to turn into a disaster on The Queen. On their previous seasons when it was still dominating as the most viewed soapie we’ve seen a lot of these similar predicaments. This includes that of Shaka Khoza, Kea’s wedding, Hectors party and others. As it stands they haven’t revealed any teasers about the new season but I’m sure they have a lot in store for viewers.

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