Tonight on SkeemSaam: Elizabeth wants some freedom

Tonight on SkeemSaam: Elizabeth wants some freedom

After Mr Kganyago found Lizzy in the kitchen with a towel, he told Jacobs. Lizzy was embarrassed that Mr Kganyago saw her wearing a towel. When Lizzy came back to work, her mother spoke to her. She told her that Mr Kganyago told her what happened between them and she apologized on his behalf.

She also asked her to forgive him. Lizzy did not want to understand, she told her mother that she was uncomfortable with Mr Kganyago staying with them because he was invading their privacy. She continued to say that he was everywhere, she said that she no longer wanted to stay with him and that he should go stay in a hotel.

Jacobeth did not want to argue because she saw that Lizzy had already made up her mind that she did not want Mr Kganyago. She told Lizzy that she understood her and that she will move to a hotel with Mr Kganyago.

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