Tonight on #SkeemSaam Three goons wreak havoc with guns at Café Rovuwa.

Tonight on #SkeemSaam Three goons wreak havoc with guns at Café Rovuwa.

#SkeemSaam viewers have shown their appreciation to Lehasa after last night episode. This guy’s acting level is on another level let’s, Mzansi have show him some love with his acting skills.

Lehasa has just vaccinated Fanie in Skeem Saam. Killing his role was not so difficult after all to Lehasa. Not Lehasa pretending to be a security guard to finish Fanie off. Lehasa and his uncle have just finish Fannie at the hospital, I also don’t trust those two. Lehasa is the boss even as a security yooh, he would make sexy security. Many viewers would date him because of his look.

Lehasa’s plan is definitely going to backfire. They were not supposed to have also kill kgosi. He doesn’t know anything, Fannie was the main suspect but not Kgosi. What Lehasa did to Fannie is the same thing ANC does to their Comrades they give you 15 percent and kill you the next day.

That Abalon guy was sent by Lehasa, when Lehasa was done he vaccinated Fanie saving the heavens from corona, we see that. If Lehasa did not do Fannie good, Fannie was going tell the whole SA about a boy from Malawi and baby powder.

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Although we hate Fannie’s character we loved that he gives Lehasa a tough time. He has met his match there. One thing we have noted is that Lehasa has been in the winning side for so long ever since he join #SkeemSaam. When will Lehasa be defeated, there’s no way he can always get away with everything from Sonti. Now he’s about to run away with shares again.

Judging by the look Lehasa is going to win each and every battle? He robbed Sonti and got away with it, destroyed Kat & Pretty /Candice’s relationship he also got away with it. Fanie is now the next victim

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He is going to get away with it again.